Our OTC Desk performs the role of a traditional broker-dealer for digital assets. We facilitate large OTC trades for our clients as well as provide market liquidity and agency trading for selected cryptocurrencies.


We help corporates in the process of raising funds via security token sales (STOs) but also traditional equity offerings. We provide advice and assistance to our clients throughout the execution as well as continuous post-transaction support including exchange listings.


We focus on supporting private companies and platforms in the blockchain ecosystem. We look for exciting projects and teams that are developing blockchain infrastructure or use blockchain to disrupt existing industries.



Year Established


Projects Completed

$600 mn+


Awards Won
Raised For Clients


We help our clients navigate through the uncertainties and capture the opportunity that the digital assets represent. To do this, we have instituted processes and infrastructure in line with the established standards of financial regulation.

EGW Capital operates through several divisions, offering end-to-end solutions for corporates, institutional investors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.



Year Established


Projects Completed

$600 mn+


Awards Won
Raised For Clients


Our ambition is to be the trusted partner of choice for our clients, helping them to navigate through the uncertainty and capture the opportunity that crypto assets and blockchain technology represent.

To deliver this, EGW Capital's team blends the core DNA of successful innovative technology experts and seasoned investment bankers.



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To apply for a job with EGW Capital Inc, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: openings@egwmails.com

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